The Handbook Of Crypto Trading


  • How to choose tokens? Find an Alpha via the crypto opportunity radar.
  • How to trade smarter? Actionable indicators + Let Smart Money works for you.

Find Alpha

Candlestick captures every piece of 100M+ labeled on-chain addresses. Explore to sniff out crypto trading opportunities.

Trade With Candlestick Exclusive Indicators

Candlestick provides 20+ signals & 40+ exclusive charts & metrics, covering DEX trading, CEX flow, Liquidity, Top Addresses, Token Distribution, etc.

Price Movement Prediction

Liquidity Changes Analytics

CEX Flow Analytics

DEX Buy/Sell Analytics

Copy Trade With Smart Money

Candlestick tracks the real-time activities of the most brilliant DEX traders, meme coin traders, crypto funds, and whales.

Find The Smart Money Suits You

Follow Smart Money To Gain

Lightning Fast

Set up “Alerts.” Never miss an opportunity.

Cases Review

Magic trading cases are everywhere. Some of our users have already made it.

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