How To Build A Better Position Than Smart Money?

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How To Build A Better Position Than Smart Money?

Candlestick Smart Money are selected based on an algorithm of win/loss ratios, profit ratios & asset volume, etc. And they are proven to be Smart to gain decent profits in the previous cases of HOICHIBONESUZUME, etc. 

“They are Smart” does not mean they can always buy at the lowest and sell at the highest. “They are Smart” because they can find tokens with a better opportunity for profitability ratios.

Smart Money are also different. Some of them invested in the long-term using the DCA strategy.

Hence, when the market drops, there are opportunities for you to build a better position than Smart Money.


  1. Explore” page
  2. Top Net Buy Value token list & Switch to Smart Money mode
  3. The tokens with Smart Money Net Buy Value but prices dropped in the past 24h are your targets. Click on it to check the Smart Money buy price and trading strategy.
Top Net Buy Value - Smart Money

RPL, HOICHI, & TSUKA are the targeted tokens to dig for more data. (Smart Money Net Buy + but the price -).

Click to check the Smart Money buy price and whether they have sold it. Take RPL as an example, Live Trading –> DEX Trades:

RPL - DEX Trades (Smart Money)

Smart Money bought RPL at $35.37, and the current price is $33.63. You can build the position at a lower price than Smart Money!

Alpha tips: check Live Trading –> CEX Flow, and turn on “Smart Money” mode to confirm whether the smart money transferred the tokens to CEX to sell.

HOICHI dropped 15.73% today. Smart DEX Trader 1b60 bought HOICHI at $0.000008785, and the current price is still in Red. 

HOICHI - DEX Trades (Smart Money)

We have not yet detected Smart Money selling, so you can stay tuned with this chart and follow an exit price of Smart Money.

Alpha tips: Check Buy/Sell Pressure –> Top Addresses by Balances/Changes to see position changes of this Smart Money.

The Smart DEX Trader 97385.eth uses the DCA to build new $TSUKA positions when the price decreases. Historical data shows that this trader prefers Swing Trading – at least 16% profits each time.

TSUKA - DEX Trades (Smart Money)

This trader still holds tokens, and the current price is $0.0871. So your cost could be lower than smart money if you are now buying in.

Alpha tips: Check DEX Trading –> Net Buy Value to see previous entry & exit points of Smart Money.

What Dips Are Smart Money Loading?

How To Find Out Buyers/Sellers-Concentrated Prices?

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