Prefer Medium Risk For Medium Return?

Smart Meme Pro Traders on Candlestick are new token degen hunters.

Since the Candlestick Degen Explorer feature launched, Smart Meme Pro traders have had many magic trading cases daily. They can flip new tokens for 10x to 100x profit in a few hours or even minutes.

Let the Smart Meme Traders filter the Gem tokens for you

  • Smart Meme Traders: high risk, high return. Small ticket size.
  • Smart DEX Traders: medium – low risk, decent return. Larger ticket size.

We notice that Smart Meme Traders are always the first to enter and earn 10x to 100x profit for those outstanding new meme coins. But it does not mean the latecomers will not earn profit from it. Smart DEX Traders are the second flow to invest in and still get decent returns.

So why not let the Smart Meme Traders help you get rid of those scam/dead tokens and follow the Smart DEX Traders for a decent profit if you prefer medium risk and medium return for meme token trading?

Take THE For An Example

THE - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

On Oct 15, Degen Explorer tracked that Smart Meme Pro traders bought a new token named $THE. (At that time, $THE is an unverified new token. So the token logo is ?) 

The purchase price of these Smart Meme Pro traders is $0.0000044 – $0.0000047 at that time.

THE - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

A few days later, $THE killed 4 zeros, 1000x. Those first-entry Smart Meme Pro traders sold $THE for around $40k with a purchase cost of just $88. 

Days later, Candlestick Smart Money Trades tracked Smart Money started to invest in $THE with a larger ticket size.

Smart Money Trades

Click on it to check the details: Live Trading – DEX Trades, turn on Smart Money mode. You can see Smart Money started to accumulate $THE.

THE DEX Trades - Smart Money Mode

These Smart Money got a decent profit of around 178% during the $THE uptrend to $0.039. 

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