16 Magic Trading by Candlestick Smart Money – The last 2 weeks’ cases


  • Up 10%+ in 1 day after Smart Money buy – LSVR, BONE, AURA, SNX, SPELL, SUZUME, SYN, BAL, LINK, etc
  • Down 10%+ after Smart Money sell – STG, SUZUME, LDO, CVX, etc

In total, 16 magic trading by Candlestick Smart Money in the past 2 weeks. Not to mention combining other indicators like CEX Flow & Liquidity Add, which are key for price drop warnings.

See Some Magic Cases As An Example

Candlestick Smart Money is special because they are selected not only because they are rich but, more importantly, smarter.
We built algorithms based on a lot of factors – win/loss ratio, profit ratio, trading frequency etc to select those 1341 addresses as Smart Money.

BONE +129%. 1 Day After Smart Money Buy Alert

LSVR Up 30% After Smart Money Buy Alert

SUZUME +25% After Smart Money Buy Alert & -22% After The Sold

SYN +13% After Smart Money Buy Alert

How to sneak peek at Smart Money's buy/sell price?

So that you can,

1. If the current price is < Smart Money buy price, you will have a lower entry price than Smart Money.

2. Know whether Smart Money has sold the tokens & at what price.

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