How Candlestick Helps You To Exit At A Higher Price? 3 Cases

Quick Take

  • CVX dropped 25% after a risk alert of “Smart Money” & “Debank Tops” sell orders from Candlestick.
  • LDO experienced a price retrace after a 16% gain in 24h. Candlestick alerted LDO holders of the potential price drop based on Smart Money & Large Liquidity Withdrawal signals.
  • STG was down 17% to $0.7 after a 171%+ price up. Candlestick alerted the bearish signal when it was at $0.9.

4 indicators to alert yourself of the risk of short-term price drop:

  • Smart Money & Debank Tops Net Buy Value/sell orders
  • Net Buy Value
  • Liquidity withdrawal
  • CEX Inflow

When you see these 4 indicators turn negative, you should be aware of the followed-up risk of price down.

Case 1 - CVX

When CVX was at $6.4 on Aug 17, we observed the bearish signal of “Smart Money” & “Debank Tops” continuous sell orders and sent the alerts.

Over the past 7 days,

  • Smart Money Net Buy Value was $-28.75K
  • Debankt Tops Net Buy Value was $-484K

We alerted the risk on Aug 17. CVX saw a price downtrend to $4.8 starting on Aug 17 till now.

CVX - DEX Trades

Above is the current last 1d “Debank Tops” buy/sell ordersAll sell orders in the past 24h, as we can see.

Case 2 - LDO

On Aug 21st, LDO gained 16% from $1.8 to $2.31. However, Candlestick data signals 2 risks of price retrace:

  • Smart Money & Debank Tops sell orders
  • $2million TVL withdrew from LDO/WETH liquidity pool

LDO dropped from $2.2 to $1.964, -10.7% after Candlestick’s alert.

LDO - Add/Remove Liquidity

$2million TVL was just removed from LDO/ WETH pairs on Uniswap V3. At that time, the liquidity removed was $857k, and liquidity added $596k. 

Case 3 - STG

As a crypto investor, you must be noticed STG last week. It skyrocketed after the Binance listing announcement.

Take a sneak peek of Smart Money & Debank Tops balance change: + or -?

We talked about how important it is to track Smart Money in this email. You can view Smart Money and Debank Tops movements in 20+ Candlestick metrics. 

Check Smart Money & Debank Tops balance change. You can know if they are adding balance or removing tokens.

STG Smart Money balance as an example:

STG - Top Addresses by Balances/Changes

Defi OG 2e4b has cleared all his STG tokens in his address.

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