The Signals That Come Before The Crash


  • 3 key stablecoins on-chain data show the same similarities before the crash: Net Buy Value & Buyers number surged.

The three key stablecoins USDC, USDT & DAI showed abnormal on-chain data right before the slump.

  1. Net Buy Value surge
  2. Buyers increased sharply

This makes sense, actually. Because when the market crash, traders will sell the altcoins to stablecoins. This explains why the stablecoins’ Net Buy Value & buyers number will surge.

Let’s see the details
USDT - Net Buy Value 5min

The regular number is a few million.

Right before the crash, the number surged to above $10 million USDT Net Buy within 5 mins.

USDT - Unique Traders

You can see the real-time on-chain buyers’ and sellers’ numbers through this chart, and it is FREE! 

The regular number of USDT 5min buyers is a few dozen. It increased to above 100 suddenly. 

The Net Buy Value & Buyers’ number surge indicates the demand of USDT stablecoin suddenly increased. —> Sell altcoins. 

USDC - Net Buy Value 5min

USDC 5min Net Buy Value surged to above $20 million right before the crypto crash.

USDC - Unique Traders

USDC Buyers number sharply increased to above 100.

CEX Deposits Increased Before The Crash

We also notice that large CEX deposits will appear before the crash for some major tokens. See some examples:


UNI - Net CEX Outflow


YFI - Net CEX Outflow

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