How To Identify Stealth Money Trading Oppty?

Stealth Money, also known as Stealth Address. Vitalik proposed “a stealth address system to boost privacy” on Jan 24. 

Stealth Money is not a new thing actually. It has been used to protect trading privacy, eg,

  • The project team will create a stealth money address for market making;
  • An insider will create a new address to run front trading
  • A whale will sell/buy tokens through a stealth money address to avoid being tracked.

2 New Stealth Money Features in Candlestick

Initiated by our users, Candlestick starts to track Stealth Money trading. 2 stealth money features you can enjoy on Candlestick:

In the last 5mins, 1 hour, 1 day, and 3 days.

Real-time feeds

Supports: Ethereum & BNB 

Top DEX Buy by Stealth Money

How To Identify Stealth Money Opportunities?

Trading with Stealth Money requires more skills than Smart Money.

As no one knows if it is (they can be):

  • inside trader
  • MM bot
  • IQ 40 trader
  • smart address/whale

But once you mastered it & learn their patterns, profits could be sizeable.

Here are some recent Stealth Money trading cases to show you how to identify the Stealth Money oppty.


LDO - Stealth Money Trades

Stealth Money 0x1751 accumulated $LDO in the past 19 hrs.

Total bought 92,361, total value $189,332.

Buy at $2.02 – $2.12, now $2.37. 17% up

Top DEX Buy by Stealth Money

$WOM on BNBChain

WOM - Stealth Money Trades

The trades in red circle above are the first batch of Stealth Money tradings.

They are:

  1. buy-sell-buy-sell and
  2. not from the same address

So, they are not market-making addresses.

Pin $WOM to follow.

Decided to step in until tons of Stealth Money buys appears on the same day at the price range of $0.17 – $0.187

WOM - Stealth Money Trades
WOM - Stealth Money Trades

Now it is $0.2, 18% profit if you identified the oppty.

More cases you can search through Stealth Money Candlestick on Twitter.

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