A 1,800x Life-Changing Opportunity. How Did Candlestick Smart Money Find It?

The 1st Chance with 1,863x Returns - Smart Meme Traders

“Fable of the Dragon Tyrant” is a story Vitalik Buterin has recommended on his profile for years.

On Oct 20, address 0x6BD created a new token called TYRANT (Fable Of The Dragon). Since then, a new meme coin based on Vitalik’s Bio has emerged.

When the token appeared, Candlestick Smart Memecoin traders bought in when TYRANT had three zeros.

TYRANT Smart Meme Pro Traders - Oct 26

You can see their positions in the picture above; for example, 0xb446 bought TYRANT at $0.0005553, 0x2fb8 was in it at $0.0005179, etc.

On Oct 21, one day after Smart Meme Pro traders, Smart DEX Traders joined the TYRANT when its market cap grew. Some of them made profits of 18% – 48% per trade via repeated swing trading.

TYRANT Smart DEX Traders - Oct 26

If you followed Candlestick Smart Money in time, you could get the cheapest tokens with a potential 1,863x returns, compared with the price of $0.9656 today (Dec 15, ATH).

Follow Smart Money timely – Degen Explorer & Smart Money Trades.

The 2nd Chance with 958% Returns - Smart DEX Traders

New token hunting involves high risk. So let the Smart DEX Trader filter the new tokens for you.

Smart DEX Traders provided a second chance for traders who missed the first round.

From Oct 22 to Nov 22, the TYRANT price retraced for 27 days. But during this period, we found that Smart Money was still active.

On Nov 4, we shared that TYRANT was the top 1 gainer invested by Smart Money on that day.

From Nov 22 to Nov 23, we observed intensive Smart Money buy signals when the price rebounded.

For example, Smart DEX Trader 0x1443 accumulated more tokens at $0.09123.

Smart DEX Trader 0x1443 - Nov 23

Smart DEX Trader 0x7365 loaded more TYRANT at $0.1104.

Smart DEX Trader 0x7365 - Nov 23

Nov 24 was a life-changing turning point for TYRANT. Vitalik Buterin introduced this meme coin to Elon Musk.

TYRANT entered the public eye from that day on. Therefore, if you followed Smart Money to build positions before Nov 24, you would have a chance of at least 958% returns.

The 3rd Chance with 75% Returns - Smart DEX Traders

After the price pulled back from its previous high on Dec 3, some retailer investors got FUD and left.

Smart Money offered a third chance for you to take a low-cost position in the downtrend.

On Dec 8, Smart DEX Trader 0x7365 started DCA into TYRANT between $0.5516 to $0.6248.

Smart DEX Trader 0x7365 - Dec 8

Data proved how smart he is. Three days later, the price entered a new round of 75% skyrocketing.

Opportunity Is Still Open

You may be frustrated because you should have followed the Smart Money traders earlier.

Take it easy, and it’s never too late to start. According to our observation, some excellent swing traders in the Smart Money group make profits even in a downtrend.

For example, Smart DEX Trader 0x5e97 profited 13.78% by day trading in TYRANT on Dec 5.

Smart DEX Trader 0x5e97 - Dec 5

Smart DEX Trader 0x1443 always rebuys TYRANT on dips with lower entry prices.

Smart DEX Trader 0x1443 - Dec 13
Screenshot from Dec 14

Candlestick’s “Live Smart Money Trades” is the perfect tool to discover these trading opportunities.

Smart Money Trades - Dec 1

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