The Handbook Of Gem Hunters


  • What tokens are you looking for? Pick different guides based on your appetite.
  • Do more research before trading: token health check + Candlestick exclusive indicators.

Microcap Gem Hunting

Tokens reaching a $100k trading volume but have not been verified on Coinmarketcap or Coingecko will be marked with a “?” on Candlestick.

A guide for low-cap-high-volume opportunists.

New Token Hunting

Find the latest deployed tokens in the market with Candlestick Smart Meme Group. Any crypto will appear on Degen Explorer as long as 1 Smart Money Address traded it.

More Research, Less Risk

The higher the risk, the higher the reward. Trading gems is attractive but risky. Test the token address before trading, and monitor DEX, CEX, & Liquidity signals when trading.

Token Health Check

DYOR With More Candlestick Indicators

Lightning Fast

Set up “Alerts.” Never miss an opportunity.

Cases Review

Someone already made it. Good luck and good hunting.

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