How to Find Tokens That Smart Money is Buying the Dips? 2 Ways


  • Switch resolution setting & set up Alerts to follow them in time.

Follow Smart Money: Avoid FOMO & Buy the Dip

In the crypto world, plenty of retail investors get FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and buy in when a specific crypto price is soaring. Take a look at the  LSVR Token Net Buy chart below, for example.

The green peak represents the actions of FOMO buyers on decentralized exchanges – They buy at the price top and are stuck there.

LSVR Net Buy

However, switch to the Smart Money Mode, and the entry price of addresses labeled Smart Money is far lower than ordinary investors – A lower buy price means higher returns.

LSVR Net Buy (Smart Money Mode)

Data proves the observations above. For example, on Aug 30, one day after we detected Smart Money purchases, the $LSVR token surged 30%.

On Candlestick, we developed two methods for all-level crypto investors to improve profits by buying the dips with Smart Money features.

Method 1: Top Losers List + Turn On Smart Money Mode

The “Explore” page offers target tokens for trading. The Top Losers leaderboard displays cryptos that are under price retrace. Check this list with Smart Money mode, and you will find what dips Smart Money is buying.

For example, on Sept 12, we noticed that Smart Money bought TSUKA tokens when the price dropped, according to the Top Losers list.

Top Losers List (Smart Money Mode)

The Net Buy value indicator detected multiple Smart Money buy orders since the price fell below $0.0885.

TSUKA Net Buy (Smart Money Mode)

After checking the DEX Trades chart to look closer, we realized that the Smart DEX Trader 97385. eth was building new positions.

TSUKA DEX Trades (Smart Money)

Historical data shows that this trader is excellent at Swing Trading – at least 16% profits each time.

TSUKA DEX Trades (Last 7D)

So, we built Alerts to track. This smart trader is worth following; the TSUKA price rallied one day later.


Received Candlestick alerts anytime, anywhere for all metrics, live events & Smart Money movements

Candlestick Alerts

Method 2: Top Net Buy Value List + Turn On Smart Money Mode

Combining the Top Net Buy Value leaderboard with the Smart Money function is another effective way to find dips. 

Take the BONE token, for example. On Sep 7, the BONE ranked top by Smart Money Net Buy Value.

Top Net Buy Value (Smart Money Mode)

After clicking on the token name to check the Net Buy indicator, we discovered Smart Money bought $150K worth of BONE tokens when the price dropped to $1.58.

Top Net Buy Value (Smart Money Mode)

More information came from the DEX Trades chart. Buyers were Smart DEX Trader 82e1 & d670, and the chart revealed their buy prices to follow.

BONE DEX Trades (Smart Money)

The data on Sep 8 proved again why these traders are smart – Smart DEX Trader 82e1 & d670 bought BONE tokens right at the bottom. They made a profit of more than 14% after 24 hours later.

Leaderboards on the “Explore” page support 5min, 1H, 1D, & 3D resolution. Remember to switch to check the latest activities of Smart Money.

Switch Resolution

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