Crypto Degen Guide 1/2: Low Cap Gem Hunting. How To Find The Next 30%+ Profit?

Today and tomorrow, we will share Candlestick Crypto Degen Guide Ep1 & Ep2, teaching you practical steps to find crypto degens that may come with 30% to 100x profits.

Ep1 – Low Cap Gem Hunting. How To Find The Next 30%+ Profit?
Ep2 – New Token Hunting. How To Find The Next 100x Gem?

Let’s go to Ep1 today.



  • “Smart Money Trades” + “All Tokens” to get more trading opportunities.
  • Full leaderboard + “All Tokens” + “Smart Money” to see low-cap gems that Smart Money is buying or selling.
  • “Alerts” + “Smart Money Sell WETH & USDC” to track smart degens signals in time.

Crypto degens are traders who always focus on meme coins, small defi projects, low cap gems, etc. Investing in these cryptocurrencies usually accompanies high price volatility, high risk, and high return.

If you are a degen crypto investor trying to make quick money, following Candlestick Smart Money can help you.

We’ve labeled the most profitable and intelligent on-chain addresses; there are three ways to keep up with them.

Method 1: "Smart Money Trades" + "All Tokens."

Our new “Smart Money Trades” feature is a live trading feed displaying real-time Smart Money buy or sell transactions.

Toggle “All” to view tokens not yet listed on Coinmarketcap or Coingecko. These cryptocurrencies have over 100k DEX trading volume.

Smart Money Trades

For example, on Oct 10, we observed 2 Smart Money addresses bought $TAKE via the “Smart Money Trades” chart.

Smart Money Trades

$TAKE skyrocketed 451.68% after this Smart Money buy signal.

Method 2: "Explore" to Find Low Cap Gems

Step 1: Access the Entire Leaderboard

For example, click the “Top Net Buy Value.”

Top Net Buy Value

Step 2: Switch to "All Tokens" - "Smart Money" Mode

Tokens that have reached $100k trading volume so far will appear here.

Tokens with a “?” logo are unverified tokens. These tokens haven’t been verified and listed on Coinmarketcap or Coingecko.

Compared to verified tokens, these degen tokens are higher risk, of course, higher return. So if you are a degen trader that favors these low-cap gems, click on these tokens to check signals specifically.

For example, we detected Smart Money bought $15,577.69 worth of HOICHI tokens on Sep 8 via this method.

Top Net Buy Value - HOICHI
HOICHI DEX Trades (Smart Money)

After that, HOICHI skyrocketed 87% and killed a zero. Coingecko listed this token on Sep 9, so the “?” was removed on Candlestick that day.

Leaderboards on the “Explore” page support 5min, 1H, 1D, & 3D resolution. Remember to switch to check the latest activities of Smart Money.

Switch Resolution

Method 3: "Alerts" to Discover Low Cap Gems

Candlestick’s “Alerts” function is powerful for monitoring every transaction of Smart Money. Simply by three steps, you will never miss out on tokens that the smartest degens are buying.

Step 1: set up "Smart Money Sell WETH "or "Smart Money Sell USDC" alerts, detecting actions of swapping WETH or stablecoins for other altcoins.

Step 2: when you receive a notification, check on it to the DEX Trades to find target tokens.

For example, a log shows Smart DEX Trader 97385.eth sold 1,000 USDC at 06:10 UTC. Then DEX Trades chart reveals that 97385.eth swapped USDC for TSUKA.

DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

Step 3: Click on your target token name to check more exclusive indicators.

For example, click “TSUKA“; we can jump to the overview page for details – DEX Trades chart shows that 97385.eth bought $8.3K worth of TSUKA tokens at $0.1191.

TSUKA DEX Trades (Smart Money)

TSUKA raised 12% after we put it in the “Example.” We successfully predicted its surge three times in a week via Smart Money features.

In Ep2 tomorrow, we will focus on finding new Gem tokens. These tokens usually mean a loss of all or 10x – 100*****x profits. How to find the next 100x Gem? How to protect yourself by checking through their risk level before investing?

Subscribe to us, and see you tomorrow.

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