Cracking The Code Of $UNIDX’s 104% Rebound: How To Find The Most Price-Correlated Indicator

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  1. Find the most price-correlated chart to see the whole trend
  2. Look into movements of addresses to analyze

Take $UNIDX, for example. This token has rebounded 104% in the past 24 days, rising from $4.77 to $9.69.

$UNIDX Signals

Find The Most Correlated Metric

$UNIDX supply on exchanges is 100% on DEXs.

$UNIDX - Balances on Exchanges

So, the DEX Net Buy Value indicator correlates with the $UNIDX price.

You can see the 3-day Net Buy Value chart below; when the Net Buy turns positive, the price increases and vice versa.

$UNIDX - Net Buy Value

The 7-day chart also shows the rules.

$UNIDX - Net Buy Value

The live DEX trading data shows that the Net Buy Value is positive in 24h, so the price is green.

$UNIDX - DEX Trades

Track Addresses

In addition to searching for charts with strong price correlations for trend analysis, real-time monitoring of addresses with large transactions can better assist you in trading.

For example, on Mar 31, $26K $UNIDX liquidity was removed by liquidity provider 162c.

$UNIDX - Add/Remove Liquidity

Usually, liquidity providers sell tokens after removing liquidity. However, you need to identify these actions through on-chain tracking carefully.

162c did not sell the tokens. Instead, he bridged all $UNIDX to Optimism.

Therefore, this behavior is not a bearish signal.

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