How to Find An Entry & Exit Time with Net Buy Indicator?

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The Net Buy Value indicator is an exclusive token metric. You can only find it on Candlestick. The divergence of Net Buy & token price is an effective signal to capture a token entry & exit time, especially for swing trading traders.

Alpha Trader Tips - Net Buy & Token Price Divergence

Net Buy moves in the opposite direction of the price, indicating entry and exit timing.

Entry:  Net Buy up and positive & the price drops

Exit: Net Buy drops and negative & the price increases 

You can buy the dip and sell the rise according to these tips.

net buy tips

Time: From May 17 to May 19 (UTC 0)

Token: Decentraland (MANA)

Indicator: 1h Resolution Net Buy

Entry: $1.17. 0:00, May 17

Exit: $1.24. 7:00 or 14:00, May 17

Entry: $1.16. 19:00, May 17

Exit: $1.22. 0:00, May 18

Time: May 15 (UTC 0)

Token: OpenDAO (SOS)

Indicator: 1h Resolution Net Buy

Entry: 13:00, May 15

Exit: 23:00, May 15

You can also use the Net Buy Amount indicator to find the best time to exit to maximize profits in an uptrend.

Time: Apr 20 (UTC 0)

Token: Apecoin (APE)

Indicator: 1h Resolution Net Buy

Exit & Take Profits: $16.29. 4:00, Apr 20 

Exit & Take Profits: $16.68. 11:00, Apr 20 

Exit & Take Profits: $17.24. 23:00, Apr 20


Candlestick offers 5mins, 15mins, and 1h resolution of the Net Buy Amount indicator. Therefore, you can apply these trader tips to capture an entry or exit point at any time.