Magic Degen Trading By Candlestick Smart Memecoin Traders – 10 Example Cases From The Past 2 Weeks


  • Candlestick Degen Explorer shows users real-time new Degen tokens trading by Smart Meme Pro traders. They make 10x – 1000x return per trade in a short time.

$WHY Follow $THE Smart Money

Candlestick Smart Meme Pro is a set of addresses with high-profit trading activities. They are 925 best-performer from 600K meme coin traders.

According to our observation and practice, they can:

  • Make quick profits – 10x return within 1 hour, even faster.
  • Trade small produces big returns – invest $10 to $100 to get $1,000 to $10,000 per trade.

Take a case to see why Smart Meme Pro deserves tracking.

On Oct 18, we spotted a Smart Memecoin trader called Arisgans.eth, who bought $217 worth of $WHY tokens and sold them for $3,138.17, making a 13x return in just 4 hours.

Arisgans.eth Bought $WHY Tokens
Arisgans.eth Sold $WHY Tokens

$THE is another impressive example.

On Oct 15, the Degen Explore detected that Smart Meme Pro 7d29 spent only $88.56 for 20M tokens. The entry price was $0.000004705.

Smart Meme Pro 7d29 Bought $THE Tokens

This trader sold tokens worth hundreds to thousands of dollars per transaction three days later.

Smart Meme Pro 7d29 Sold $THE Tokens

Besides the examples above, here are more magic trading cases in the past two weeks you can capture from Candlestick Degen Explorer and follow the Smart Meme Pro traders to enjoy the profits.

Candlestick Degen Explorer is a Powerful Tool

Here are just 10 of them.

$SHIBAPE - 355% Return in 1min


Trader: Smart Meme Pro 0x7a83

Profit: In at $0.000002158, out at $0.0000098, 355% profit gained in 1min.

Date: Oct 18

$FTY - 321% Return in a few mins

Token: FTY

Trader: Smart Meme Pro 0x5a09

Profit: Bought $FTY at $0.004384, sold at $0.01846, 321% profit in a few minutes.

Date: Oct 18

$ISZN - 10x Return in 22mins

Token: ISZN

Trader: Smart Meme Pro 0x0dc9

Profit: 10x in 22mins

Date: Oct 18

$MLS - 991% Return within 1 hour

Token: MLS

Trader: Smart Meme Pro 0x8482

Profit: 991% profits within 1 hour

Date: Oct 11

$BONPURI - 10x Return in 40mins


Trader: Smart Meme Pro 0x7a83

Profit: 10x in 40mins

Date: Oct 6

$MEH - 10x to 100x Return in 5mins

Token: MEH

Trader: Smart Meme Pro 0xb446, 0x2fb8 & 0xf8ef

Profit: 10x – 100x in 5mins.

Date: Oct 4

$JOESBIRTHDAY - 10x to 1000x Return in 3mins


Trader: Smart Meme Pro 0xafc9 & 0xebd1, etc.

Profit: 10x – 100x in 3mins.

Date: Oct 10

$PAZURU - 10x Return in 10mins


Trader: Smart Meme Pro 0x1c1d

Profit: 10x in 10mins.

Date: Oct 7

How to Copy Smart Money Trade?

For traders of all levels, the easiest way to improve your profits is to follow and copy Smart Money trades.

We’ve published a series of trader tips and tutorials for you. Reading these articles before trading will improve your win rates.

Crypto Degen Guide: the methods to trade like Smart Money

Tutorials You May Need: "Alerts," "Smart Money Trades," & "Degen Explorer" Features

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