How Did Candlestick Find Alpha & Help You Earn 100x In A Bear Market?

We Find Alpha

Like the origin story of $DOGE, a new meme coin called THE started from a joke.

Vitalik Buterin posted a tweet at 6:58 PM, Oct 14, UTC0. Soon after, someone turned the joke into reality – THE token turned out.

On Oct 14, Candlestick Degen Explorer detected this token as soon as the first Smart Meme Pro address was in it. The earliest candlestick-labeled buyers included Smart Meme trader 0x7d29, 0x8ffb, 0xfb57, etc.

THE - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)
Smart Meme Trader 0x7d29

That could be your first 100x chance if you always stick with Degen Explorer to sniff out opportunities.

We Share Alpha

On Oct 15, we noticed Some Smart Meme Pro traders had already sold and realized 2,713.75% returns.

Meanwhile, we observed other Smart Meme traders holding tokens, and Smart DEX Traders started to join the game.

Alpha Knows Alpha. Turned $80 Into $38K

After our post, some Candlestick users got decent profits riding with Smart DEX Traders based on their risk tolerance. However, that’s not the end.

On Oct 18, users who followed Smart Meme Pro to trade got the largest piece of the pie. Earliest Smart Meme Pro buyers like 0x7d29 & 0xfb57 started to sell; they turned holdings worth $80 into around $38K.

THE - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)
THE - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

On Oct 19 & 20, all Smart Meme Pro traders realized profits and left THE. We are happy to see some of our users also sold on the same day.

The reversal has come since Oct 21, while Smart DEX Traders still trade this token in the price downtrend. They are swing traders seeking smaller but quick returns in volatility. If you still follow them, remember to set up alerts.

THE - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

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