Survive In The Bear Market – 2 Tips

The market is so bear. We believe in the long term. But how to survive first in such a bearish market?

We shared the three steps before. Tip 1 – Swing Trading by Net Buy Value works. But it is a bit hard to find the target tokens and the divergence.

Hence, today, we focus on tip 2 & 3 to give you some examples. 

Let's See 3 Recent Examples Of Smart Money Magic Trading

EHIVE skyrocketed 27% after we detected the Smart DEX Trader buy signal.

We observed that Smart Money bought stETH at a turning point. After that, the price rebounded.

TSUKA - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

This Smart Money 97385.eth is very good at trading memecoin.

This is the third time he swung trade TSUKA using DCA in the past 7 days and gained around 10% profit each time.

How To Find These Tokens? Using The 2 Steps - Tip 2 & 3

GEM Hunt by “Explore” – Turn on Smart Money Mode

We found 2 tokens today by checking Top Net Buy Value by Smart Money & Top Gainers by Smart Money list.

Top Net Buy Value - Smart Money

SYN & LINK in the list worth you checking more details. 

Follow Smart Money – Click on the token to check the Smart Money buy/sell strategy


SYN - Net Buy Value

SYN Net Buy Value increased by 2,015.68% & hit a 24-hours high at 02:00 UTC Sep 21, indicating DEX traders bought more Synapse tokens than sold.

Turn on “Smart Money” mode

SYN - Net Buy Value (Smart Money Mode)

Smart Money Net Buy Value hit $113,234.88 at the same time.

Live Trading –> DEX Trades to check their trading strategies and whether they have sold the tokens yet.

SYN - DEX Trades ( Money Mode)

Using the same steps – Tip 2 & 3, we found a Smart Money is DCA LINK. This Smart Money is very good at DCA and swing trading.

GEM Hunt For Meme/Low-cap Tokens

If you are a low-cap token trader, do remember to select “All Tokens”. Then you will see some new tokens that Smart Money is in.

3 Steps

  • Turn on “Smart Money” in the list
  • Click “Top Net Buy Value” & enter the full table
  • Select “All Tokens” to find crypto gems
Top Net Buy Value - Smart Money Mode

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