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Receive real-time alerts on all devices
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What Our Users Say
Why And How to Utilize The Most Powerful Analytics Tools
Good third-party market data is very hard to find. Candlestick is an outstanding platform offering the most comprehensive data and super neat UI. Impressive work of crafting onchain data.
Michael Egorov
Michael Egorov
Founder & CEO of Curve Finance
Strong analytics capability turned into a smart and easy-to-use tool. The smart money mode is a very innovative way to keep track of bulk address activities for investment opportunities. Never make a decision until checking Candlestick.
Rae Deng
Rae Deng
Angel, prev.Partner at Du Capital
Candlestick is an important analytics integration for Bancor because it gives users the ability to see our ecosystem data alongside activities of all the major DEXs on-chain and generate analytics in a smart, actionable way.
Nate Hindman
Nate Hindman
Growth at Bancor
The era of going blind on crypto is gone. Candlestick helps me find the best time to enter & exit by monitoring real-time trades & liquidity changes. Powerful as an LP monitoring tool for my positions. Can’t wait to see how much more there is to come.
Sherman Lee
Sherman Lee
Co-founder of Raven Protocol
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