3 Steps to Follow Smart Money to Gain Profits. Practical Cases of TSUKA, BAL, M87, MSI, INUS & SHI.


  • 3 steps to follow Smart Money to gain profits
  • 6 practical cases where these three steps are applied

Previously in our How to Create a Daily Workflow to Find GEMs on Candlestick? 3 Steps trader tips, we discussed that GEM hunting is a daily work you can do. 

Today we will share 3 steps you can follow the Smart Money to gain profits.

  • Step 1: Go to Net Buy Value Leaderboards on the “Explore” page. Turn on “Smart Money” mode.
  • Step 2: Click on the token with Top Net Buy Value by Smart Money. It will direct you to the token’s “Net Buy Value” chart. Then you can see at what price the Smart Money has bought in and how much volume.
  • Step 3: Check “Live Trading” —> “DEX Trades,” and turn on “Smart Money” mode to know which Smart Money is buying, the purchase price & the trading strategy.

Over the last three months, we found and traded TSUKABALM87MSIINUS, and SHI, according to this practical guide.

Step 1: "Explore" +"Smart Money": A Powerful Crypto Radar.

The “Explore” page provides nine real-time leaderboards with “Smart Money” mode.

Leaderboards with "Smart Money" Mode

For example, on Aug 13, on the Top Net Buy Value by Smart Money leaderboard, MSI was one of the top-ranked tokens and showed surges in Smart Money buying.

Top Net Buy Value

Step 2: "Net Buy Value" +"Smart Money": To Understand The Smart Money's Purchase Price & Whether They Have Sold Or Not

The Net Buy Value indicator can visually display the trading volume and price of Smart Money buying and selling.

If the Smart Money bought a token & not sold yet, and the current price is lower or about the same price as the Smart Money was in, you may consider following the Smart Money.

For example, on Aug 11, we found that Smart Money BAL Net Buy Value surged ($45K) at $5.86, right at the price bottom before the uptrend. Then, they gained an average profit of 13%.

BAL - Net Buy (Smart Money)

On Jul 1, we observed M87 invested by Smart Money. It was a notable signal because this GEM had never been seen in the list before, and Smart Money was playing around it.

Check the Net Buy indicator; you would find it was their entry time on Jul 1. Soon after, 157% of profits would wait for you.

M87 - Net Buy (Smart Money)

Sometimes, Smart Money has patients waiting for more extended returns. For example, Smart Money bought SHI before the price surge to 4718, but they didn’t sell and may hold longer-term returns. A new buying peak saw on Aug 14.

SHI - Net Buy (Smart Money)

While the price is under retrace, Smart Money still holds SHI and is waiting for a higher surge.

Step 3: "DEX Trades" + "Smart Money": Which Smart Money is Buying & Their Trading Strategy.

The Live Trading DEX Trades chart provides detailed Smart Money transactions, including their buying and selling prices. As a result, you can follow Smart Money to trade.

Back to our first example, The DEX Trades showed that Smart Money bought MSI at the price of $0.000002484, $0.000003244 & $0.000003958, then sold at $0.000004781, $0.000004794, & $0.000008186. Follow these trades; you can get an average 50% gain.

MSI - DEX Trades (Smart Money)

Early on Jul 15, the DEX Trades indicator revealed that TSUKA attracted buying from smart DEX traders. 

TSUKA - DEX Trades (Smart Money)

The 24 hours buying power also looked positive on that day; the Net Buy Vol was $19.48K. Buyers were 2.13x sellers.

TSUKA - DEX Trades

If you followed Smart Money on Jul 15, TSUKA has increased 617% and killed a 0 in Aug. 

Smart Money always sells at the price top of crypto. For example, we alerted that Smart DEX Trader sold INUS on Aug 11, right at the peak.

INUS - DEX Trades (Smart Money)

Note: Candlestick labeled 1342 Smart Money addresses, including 390 Defi OGs, 102 Crypto VCs and founders, and 850 Smart DEX traders.

Candlestick - Smart Money

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