Arbitrum Stealth Money Feature Launched! Share The Signals Of 2 Tokens

How to hunt Stealth Money Signals to follow insiders?

4 Stealth Money features on Explore:

Supports EthereumBNBChain & Arbitrum

How to validate the Stealth Money Signal?

  • Only trade 1 token
  • Large amount
  • Buy after fund in from CEX

Apply the above skills, 2 tokens Stealth Money Signal you should capture.


$ROOK - Stealth Money Trades
$ROOK - Net Buy Value

Profit difference: 

Stealth Money signal hunting requires skills but not that hard!

Apply the trader tips we shared above and hunt the next one!


Total bought 2.197M $IMGNAI ($31K). The price is up to $0.01467 now.

$IMGNAI - Stealth Money Trades

Remember you need to DYOR token checking by following the “6 Tips For Degen Hunter” we shared before.

$IMGNAI score 15/100 on TokenSniffer

Know the risk and evaluate if it is within your risk tolerance.

Stealth Money Signal on Arbitrum Launched!

One way of hunting gems on Arbitrum is to follow insiders

Especially fit in for tokens only on Arbitrum and with a large supply on DEX

Besides as many of our subscribed users have assets mainly on Arbitrum, Candlestick has supported Arbitrum payment.

Stealth Money feature is only for Alpha plan users.

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