New Feature – Stealth Money Tracking. Reveal Insider Trading

Initiated and requested by our subscribed user, we shipped a new feature – Tracking Stealth Money activities.

Top DEX Buy by Stealth Money Leaderboard!

Use for?

Reveal insider trading & front-running activities.

Mean for?

Follow front traders and insider traders for profit.

$T was on the Stealth Money Buy Leaderboard right before the price surge

Top DEX Buy by Fresh Wallets

Candlestick tracked Fresh Wallet buy $T on Jan 22. On that day, the price was $0.02373. It then surged to $0.2269 ATH on Jan 24.

$T - Net Buy Value

During A Price Surge, A Good Exit Means More Profit.

$T’s most circulating supply is on CEX instead of DEX –> Hence, the CEX deposit is the most important topping signal to keep track of.

$T - Balances on Exchanges

How Does CEX Outflow Correlate With The $T price?

$T - Net CEX Outflow
  1. Deep RED Negative Net CEX Outflow occurs ($680K deposit) at $0.54, $T then dropped from $0.54 to $0.48.
  2. Price up again to $0.063, where large CEX deposits triggered again. –> You should get alert of this signal at $0.063.
  3. Then it dropped back to $0.056.

How To Choose The Most Price-Correlated Indicator?

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