Crypto Degen Guide 2/2: New Token Hunting. How To Find The Next 100x Gem?

In yesterday’s Crypto Degen Guide 1/2: Low Cap Gem Hunting. How To Find The Next 30%+ Profit? we discussed three methods based on Smart Money features.

Today, Let’s continue our safari of Crypto Degen Guide Ep2 – Hunt New Tokens & Get The Next 100x.



  • New tokens mean high returns & high risks. How to protect yourself before trading?
  • 100x gems will bring millionaires overnight. Find them and trade smarter on Candlestick.

Trading new cryptos may offer the chance of high returns, but they put your funds at high risk. Baby projects are sometimes created without any real utility. These tokens may die soon OR with the potential to create great wealth – For example, one of our labeled Smart Meme Pro addresses turned $50 to $20K in 2 hours, 400x returns in total.

Candlestick launched the new Smart Money list – Smart Meme Pro last week. They are:

  • 925 best-performer from 600K meme traders
  • Traded 10+ crypto memecoins in 2022
  • 70%+ win rate
  • Earliest entered $INU $MRI $TSUKA etc

This new Smart Meme Pro list empowers you to hunt new tokens smarter on Candlestick.

The Best Hunting Tool: Degen Explorer

We’ve launched a powerful tool for discovering degen cryptos – Degen Explorer. It is a real-time leaderboard focusing on low-cap gems and new coins.

Degen Explorer

This feature reveals that Smart Money earns impressive returns by trading new tokens.

For example, on Oct 10, Smart Meme Pro traders killed 1-3 zeros in 3 mins. 10-1000x rewards.

Degen Explorer

It’s common to see profitable trades, such as on Oct 11, Smart Meme Pro 0x8482 sold $MLS and made 991% profits within 1 hour. 

MLS - DEX Trades

Sniff Out New Tokens - Set Alerts of "Smart Meme Pro sell WETH/USDC."

Smart degens usually swap ETH, WETH, or stablecoins for new tokens.
Hence, you can utilize the Candlestick Alerts function to receive live signals of new tokens they buy.

Step 1: Create "Alerts" of "Smart Meme Pro Sell WETH/USDC"

You can set a low trigger value such as $10 or $100 because most new token buy orders are small.

Create Alerts

Step 2: Choose to receive notifications via browser & Telegram

Create Alerts

Step 3: Click the "View TXN Detail" when receiving the Telegram notifications.

You will access the transaction details page on Etherscan, then click the token name in the “Tokens Transferred.” to the “Token Profile.”

The token address will be seen in the “Profile Summary.” Click it to copy.

Token Health Check - Token Sniffer & honeypot. is

Anyone could create a token and get it traded on DEXs without getting any permissions. Make sure to DYOR and check the token contract addresses before trading.

No one can 100% avoid the risk of new tokens. There just don’t have a way to do that. But there are tools you can use to understand the risks before making an investment decision. Here are they.

Token Sniffer

Token Sniffer scans contracts for known scams and maintains a list of scammers. Once you get a new token address, check on the site first. 

Token Sniffer helps you to understand the liquidity and owner concentration status. So basically, seeing as many as “☑️” on the page is good.

Honeypots are projects that allow the creator to block token sell. If an address is blocked, it means this address can’t sell the tokens anymore. Visit the honeypot to determine if a token is a honeypot beforehand.

Please note that the status of “honeypot” can be changed anytime. It means a contract can be a honeypot today but a safe contract tomorrow, and vice versa.

Check New Tokens' Signals -

Once you decide to invest in some new tokens after health checking, Candlestick is the best third-party platform offering trading signals.

Copy addresses from etherscan, then paste it in the upper left search bar on Candlestick to check live DEX trading & Liquidity changes.

Paste Address
Check Trading Signals

By applying the methods above, we observed quick-profitable trading by the Smart Meme Pro group on Sep 27.

Smart degen 9a62 profited 2517% by trading NFTGRAM tokens, killing a zero in 2 hours.

NFTGRAM - DEX Trades (Smart Meme Pro)
NFTGRAM - DEX Trades (Smart Meme Pro)

Another degen 345e bought the WCI token when it kept five 0s, and then three 0s were killed in a day. Now TWO 0s left.

WCI - DEX Trades (Smart Meme Pro)
WCI - Latest DEX Trades (Smart Meme Pro)

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