6000x In A Bear Market. The Legend Of Finding Alpha On Candlestick

We Find Alpha

The World Cup has attracted the attention of the whole world. In the crypto world, the first WorldCup-themed token on Ethereum, WCI, was deployed on Sep 26.

Almost at the same time that the token appeared, Candlestick Smart Memecoin traders sniffed out opportunities. They bought in when the WCI had five zeros on Sep 26.

WCI - DEX Trades (Sep 27)

On Sep 27, we shared WCI Smart Money signals with our users. You can see their positions in the picture above; for example, 0x0f31 bought WCI at $0.000003723, 0x285b was in it at $0.000004872, etc.

We shared WCI on Sep 27

WCI killed three zeros within one day after Smart Meme Traders invested in it. However, the magic had just begun.

We Share Alpha

On Sep 30, we added WCI as a case in the Crypto Degen Guide 2/2; most Smart Memecoin traders sold off on that day when they realized 1,000x returns. However, we also noticed some Smart Money bought more; for example, 0x1130 bought $5,768 at $0.002553 in the screenshot below.

WCI - DEX Trades (Sep 30)
We shared WCI on Sep 30

Data proved that someone is more intelligent than others in the Smart Meme Pro group.

On Oct 14, WCI finally entered the public eye. Candlestick liquidity indicators recorded an 84% surge in the number of WCI liquidity providers within 24 hours.

WCI - Unique New LP (Oct 14)

While Smart Money already made a lot—WCI was the top 1 gainer invested by Smart Money on Oct 14, the DEX Trades indicator detected a surge in retail buyers.

Top Gainers (Oct 14)
WCI - DEX Trades (Oct 14)

Alpha Knows Alpha - 6,657x GEM

On Oct 18, WCI already skyrocketed to $0.02479 (Coingecko). Compare this price with the $0.000003723 that we first shared in Sep; It’s a 6,657x increase.

6,657x Increase

Some users left comments to share their happiness on Oct 18 when we reviewed how Candlestick Smart Money and exclusive indicators help find WCI early.

WCI has turned downward since reaching a high on Oct 18. However, latecomers can still profit by following Candlestick Smart Money.

On Nov 11, Smart DEX Trader 0x6fe9…5a25 built WCI positions, a typical preparation for Swing Trading.

WCI - DEX Trades (Nov 11)

This trader realized 256% returns on Nov 16.

WCI - DEX Trades (Nov 16)
256% Swing Trading

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