How To Find Alpha On Polygon?

Quick Take

  • Candlestick has integrated with Polygon.
  • Click on the upper right corner to switch blockchains—view data on Polygon at any time.

The Most Comprehensive - Polygon Integration

Candlestick has expanded to Polygon Network, syncing with 38 decentralized exchanges and aggregators, including Quickswap, Kyber, Curve, Meshswap, DODO, and more.

The first batch of charts has launched, including:

8 Leaderboards - "Explore" Page

3 Large Order Feeds - "Explore" Page

9 Indicators - "Analytics" Page

More indicators, Smart Money features, and Alert functions on Polygon are on the way.

Switch to Polygon

View data on different blockchains at any time.

"Explore" Page

On the “Explore” page, click “Polygon” in the drop-down list on the upright.

"Analytics" Page

Switch blockchains on the overview page or any indicator’s upper right corner.

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