Top Holders

Quick Take

  • Top Holders” – under the “Holders” category on the “Analytics” page.
  • View Smart Money 24-hour or 7-day position changes.
  • Monitor token burn by checking balance changes in the null address.

Top Holder is a list that ranks addresses based on the balance of a particular token they hold. There are two basic usages for this chart:

Monitor A Particular Address

For example, the percentage and value changes in the $CRO null address represent token burn activity.

Monitor Trader's Position Changes

For example, the $SHIB balance of the crypto fund Jump Trading increased, indicating buy-in or transfer-in activity.

You can access this metric under the Holders category.


Switch Smart Money Group

Click the “smart money” toggle button. Next, hover over “Smart Money” and select groups in the drop-down list.

  • “Smart Money”: default list of Smart Money addresses contains big-name VCs, angels, smart DEX traders, and DeFi OGs.
  • “Debank Tops”: 1,608 addresses (min. $500K balance) from the top 10.000 of Debank’s web3 rank.
  • “Smart Meme Pro”: a list of 925 best-performing addresses that traded at least 10 meme coins with a 70%+ win rate in 2022.

Switch Time

Click “1D & 7D”.

Switch the time setting to see balance changes in the last 24 hours or 7 days.

Update Data

Click the loop arrow.

Enter Full Screen

Click the cross arrow.

Share or Download The Chart Image

Click the “snapshot.”

Hidden Features

Check An Address

Hover around a specific address; you can copy the address or directly visit details on the Etherscan.

Organize Leaderboards

You can sort the entire leaderboard by ascending or descending by illuminating the arrow ahead of a specific category.

Live Charts

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