How To Build Your Token Portfolio Watchlist?

Quick Take

  • Add tokens to the watchlist from leaderboards or search results.
  • Quick access to check the price and trading vol of watched tokens.
  • Quick access to the token’s metric dashboard.
  • Add/Reorder/Remove. Edit the watchlist at any time.

Pin Tokens On The "Explore" Page

Surfing the leaderboards, find a target token.

Hover ahead to light the Flag.

Find the token in the watchlist.

Pin Tokens On The "Analytics" Page

There are two ways to pin tokens when you are on the “Analytics” page.

Search & Favorite

Search for a token name or address.

Light up tokens in the drop-down list.

Overview & Favorite

You can also collect coins from the Overview page.

Quick Access

By default, the watchlist will be collapsed.

Hover over the token icon to see real-time price and trading volume.

Click on the token icon to access the overview page quickly.

Edit Your Watchlist

Click to expand the watchlist.

Click the edit icon.

Reorder Tokens

Drag to move and arrange your tokens.

Delete Tokens

Click to remove a token.


  • Add 10 tokens: free for everyone
  • 30 Tokens on Watchlist: Pro Users
  • 100 Tokens on Watchlist: Alpha Users
  • Unlimited: Institutional Users

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