How To Track Smart Money?

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Quick Take

  • Candlestick labeled 1342 Smart Money addresses, including 390 Defi OGs , 102 Crypto VCs and founders, and 850 Smart DEX traders. 😎 represents the smart money chart.
  • Click the “Smart Money” switch button and select a group to check. Both leaderboards and indicators support this feature. 

Switch to Smart Money Mode

There are two ways to switch to smart money mode.

1. Switch all metrics

Click the “Smart Money” switch button in the lower-left corner.

2. Switch a single metric

Click the “Smart Money” toggle button on the toolbar of a single chart.

Note: A yellow line will appear on the indicator after a successful switch, representing smart money on-chain activity.

Select The "Smart Money" Group

Hover over the arrow near the “Smart Money” toggle button, and a drop-down list will appear; you can select the group you want to track.

The “Smart Money” group includes 390 DeFi OGs, 102 crypto VCs, and 849 Smart Dex Traders.

Switch leaderboards & Large Order - "Smart Money."

On the Explore page, all leaderboards and the Large Order metric also support “Smart Money” checking. Click the button and select a group.

Smart Money Metrics

Candlestick supports the smart money function with 20+ indicators.

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