How To Set Up Alerts?

Quick Take

  • The “Alerts” function is available for 34 indicators, 6 live events, and all Smart Money indicators and live trades (buy/sell, cex deposit/withdraw, and liquidity add/remove).
  • The most straightforward and user-friendly alert setting process: you get what you see. We make the entire setting process into a clear sentence. 
  • You can customize tokens, amounts, and addresses through the alert setting.
  • Receive alerts on all devices via Telegram and notification.

Where To Create Alerts?

There are two ways to access the “Alerts” feature.

1. On The "Alerts" Page

Click the “Alerts” on the navigation bar.

Click the “Create Alert” button in the upper right corner.

Note: An example alert is set for users who come to the page for the first time.

2. On The Metric Chart

Click the “Alerts” on the toolbar of a single chart. 34 indicators and 6 live events support this function.

How To Set Alerts?

Once you enter the “Alerts” setting popup, the next step is to fill trigger conditions.

After research, we found that the alert setting process on other products in the market is very complicated, which is way too difficult for on-chain data tool beginners.

To solve this problem, we spent a lot of time designing the user workflow to make the whole process into just 3 clicks. And to make “you get what you see,” we make the entire setting process into a clear sentence.

1. Alert Type - Chart

34 charts on the “Analytics “page are available for custom alerts, including exclusive signals such as: Net Buy ValueNet Add LiquidityNet CEX Outflow, etc.

Select Chart

Type a chart name or select it in the drop-down list. Smart Money & Debank Tops charts are also available.

Select Token

Type to search a token and select it. You can search by token name or token address.

Select Data In The Chart

Each chart will have unique monitoring data. Pick the details you want. For example, The Net Buy Value indicator can set alerts of amount, volume, buy amount, buy value, sell amount & sell value.

Select Time Range

Choose 5mins or 1D, based on the resolution time of a specific metric.

Set Conditions & Numbers

Alert you when the data is larger or smaller than the number you set. By default, the box will display the latest data in gray.

Set The Push Frequency & Method

How often would you like to be reminded? In what way? We offer 4 frequency options and two push methods.

Custom Alert Name

Finally, customize the name for effortless management.

Click “Save” to end the process.

2. Alert Type - Live Event

You can monitor 6 types of on-chain events, including buy, sell, deposit to CEX, withdraw from CEX, add liquidity and remove liquidity, by setting up Live Event alerts.

Select Trader Groups To Track

Choose the range of addresses to set more precise alerts. For example, you can choose the “Smart Money” group to track.

Select Actions

Select a particular trading activity in the drop-down list.

Select Token

Type to search a token and select it.

Set Value

Set a trigger value. The default value is gray.

Set The Push Frequency & Method

4 frequency options and 2 push methods.

Custom Alert Name

Finally, customize the name.

Click “Save” to end the process. After successfully creating an alert, you can manage it on the Alerts page.

Adjust Your Alerts

You can change alerts and logs at any time.

Pause/Resume Alerts

By clicking the first icon on the right column.

Edit Alerts

By clicking the second icon on the right column.

Copy Alerts

Click the third icon on the right column to set new alerts quickly.

Delete Alerts

By clicking the last icon on the right column.

Refresh Logs

Click the loop arrow.

Delete All Logs

Click the “Clean All.”

Delete A Log

Click the cross behind the log.

Track A Transaction

Click the jump arrow.

Hidden Features

Organize Alerts

You can sort the entire table by date or status.

Bulk Actions

Click “dots” to bulk start, stop and remove alerts.

Can't Receive Browser Notifications?

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