How To Sign Up Candlestick?

In this how-to, we are giving you step-by-step guides on how to sign up for Candlestick accounts.

We now support four sign-up methods: email, web3, Google, & Twitter.

Email Sign Up

1. Click "Start for free"

2. Fill in your email address and set up a password

Note: Read and click “I agree to Candlestick’s Term of Service and Privacy Policy”

Web3 Sign Up

Register via MetaMask or WalletConnect.

Take MetaMask, for example.

1. Click "Wallet," then choose "MetaMask"

2. Confirm this connection

If your MetaMask wallet shows “Not connected,” tap on your wallet profile and make sure you switched to the connected account.

3. Register successfully

Congrats on joining the Candlestick Alpha Trader tour.

Note: Your Ethereum address will be your user account. You can always log in by connecting your wallet to check 60+ exclusive token signals & charts.

Google or Twitter Sign Up

Create an account by logging in with your Google or Twitter account.

Note: Linking your existing Web3 account with any of these Web2 methods is enabled for improved convenience.

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