Uncover the Top Traders by Profit for Any Token

4 Smart Tips for Leveraging This New Feature:

1 — Only shows top profitable whales?

Click the ‘Top 200 Holders Only’ filter -> Unveil the highest profitable traders among top holders.

$TRUMP Top Traders by Profit


-> The top profit earner is the Top 45th holder: 1,483x, $1.3M total profit in $TRUMP

2 — Looking for an oppty to ride the waves?

Click ‘7D’, -> Reveal the most recent buy prices of the top earners.

The Latest Buy Prices of $TRUMP Top Earners

Still using the latest hottest meme coin $TRUMP to showcase:

-> Avg buy price of buyers who first-in $TRUMP 6 days ago is at ~ $2.7 — $3.

Making 1.3x so far.

3 — Are the top traders still holding a big bag (especially in a surge)?

Sort by ‘ROI’, and examine the ‘Adjusted Holdings’ to find out.

Top Profitable Traders Remaining Holdings


– > Top profitable traders: still hodl a big bag $3M.

4 — Small buy value is not your type. Want the best ROI and Total Profit?

Turn on ‘Advanced Filter’, set your expected ROI and Total Profit value.

24 Traders with Over $1M Profit in $TRUMP

What’s More in V1.7?

Top Holder Chart Now Supports All Tokens!

This has been requested by many users for quite some time (sorry for keeping you waiting!)

Now, even for newly born tokens, you can check their Top Holders balance and changes on Candlestick! (update every hour)

🤣 A fun fact:

Candlestick can be even used to boost community growth? This KOL got a 97% win rate and 6x ROI for his community with Candlestick!

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