Buying Cryptos Before CEX Listing: Follow Insiders To Gain Profits With Stealth Money Signals

Candlestick Stealth Money is a powerful tool to find insiders and front running. 

According to our practices, we observed that strong stealth money signals generally appear before the CEX listing news release.

How To Identify The STRONG Stealth Money Signal

When you observe the following signals in the Live Trading – Stealth Money Trades chart, insider trading may be occurring: 

  1. The address is consistently buying tokens with a large transaction value. 
  2. The address is buying tokens immediately after being activated. 
  3. The address is only buying one type of token.

Let’s see some cases.

$RJV - 147% Returns

On Mar 16, $RJV was listed on Gateio.

Before the listing, Stealth Money 3d34 only bought $RJV right after activation. Total Buy Value: $10K+.

$RJV - Stealth Money Trades

After bought, when $RJV went to $0.096:

– 3d34 transferred $RJV to address b78a

– then b78a deposited to Gateio afterward when the price surged to $0.1+

The stealth money profited around 107% – 147%.

$NXRA - 40% Returns

On Feb 27, Stealth Money 919a was activated & it only bought $NXRA between Feb 27 – 28, costing $57K $USDT.

$NXRA - Stealth Money Trades

On Mar 1, $NXRA was listed on Kucoin, but the price didn’t surge. Since then, Stealth Money 919a suspended activities.

$NXRA - CEX Balance

Stealth Money 919a became active again on Mar 20, when the $NXRA had already gone up. 

The total value of the tokens when 919a transferred them to Kucoin was $80.6K.

Wallet Watchlist
$NXRA - Net Buy Value

919a bought $57K before the listing & deposited $80.6K to CEX; the returns rate is about 40%.

$LQTY - 70% Returns

Binance announced the listing of $LQTY at 7:16 AM on Feb 28.

We discovered a Stealth Money address accumulating $LQTY tokens from 7 days ago, and it quickly sold for profits after the listing announcement.

What Will Happen On $HEX?

We have been watching the $HEX Stealth Money signal since Feb. The $HEX price is also rising.

$HEX has broken $0.12. If you captured the Stealth Money signals we shared on Feb 20, you could profit at least 106%.

$HEX has recorded multiple Stealth Money accumulation signals

On Mar 18, 540a got $19.3K at $0.0866
On Mar 19, 66a1 bought $11.9K at $0.091
On Mar 21, 271f bought $73.9K at Avg $0.0865


$HEX - Stealth Money Trades

You can still find many $HEX stealth money signals today.

Top Net Buy by Stealth Money

What do insiders know? Stay tuned.

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