70%+ Profit: $LQTY Stealth Money Accumulated Massive Tokens Before Binance Listing

Binance announced the listing of $LQTY at 7:16 AM on Feb 28.

$LQTY price surged because of it.

$LQTY - Signals

We discovered a Stealth Money address accumulating $LQTY tokens from 7 days ago, and it quickly sold for profits after the listing announcement.

$LQTY - Net Buy Value

Below are the details of the story.

Stealth Money 82b9 Accumulated $LQTY on Feb 22

At 8:51 AM UTC on Feb 22, we shared $LQTY Stealth Money 82b9’s accumulation signals.

82b9 was activated at 18:30 AM UTC on Feb 21. After that, it accumulated 188,471 ($192.87K) $LQTY.

$LQTY - Stealth Money Trades

$LQTY rose 16.80% on Feb 23. However, 82b9 didn’t sell any tokens.

Stealth Money 82b9 Bought More $LQTY 1 hr Before The Listing

1 hour before the Binance announcement was made, Stealth Money 82b9 was still accumulating $LQTY tokens.

$LQTY - Stealth Money Trades

In total, Stealth Money 82b9 accumulated $309,887.48 $LQTY tokens.

After $LQTY was listed on Binance, 82b9 sold all its tokens quickly, receiving $414,697.48.

$LQTY - Stealth Money Trades

82b9 made 33% returns, but our smart subscribers profited 70% more based on the stealth money signals.

Candlestick Subscribers Gained More

1 of our subscribers captured the $LQTY stealth money signal in time on Feb 22.

He profited 70%+ on Feb 28.

How To Identify Stealth Money Trading Oppty?

Candlestick has launched Stealth Money features: 

Follow Stealth Money to get better entry prices than Smart Money.

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