Uncover The Secret To 13x Returns: Catch Insiders In The Act With Candlestick Stealth Money

Date: March 31, 2023

Initiated and requested by our subscribed user, we shipped Stealth Money features:

Multichain support: Ethereum & BNBChain

Degen Explorer by Stealth Money

Among these functions, the Degen Explorer by Stealth Money is a live chart tracking new coins that Stealth Money buys/sells.

Degen Explorer by Stealth Money

Through it, you can discover manipulation & insiders early to copy trade or avoid losses.

$SDEX Case: Insiders Earned 1,397.84%

$SDEX was deployed on Mar 9.

On Mar 10, Stealth Money dd58 was activated, accumulating $SDEX only.

$SDEX - Stealth Money Trades

Then, dd58 provided SDEX liquidity on Sushiswap.

$SDEX - Add/Remove Liquidity

On Mar 15, dd58 started to dump $SDEX on DEX & pull out liquidity.

$SDEX - Stealth Money Trades
$SDEX - Add/Remove Liquidity

The picture below shows the whole process. He profited at least 1,397.84%.

$SDEX - Net Buy Value

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