GEM Radar 07/11

RAD - Find The GEM, Profit By Exit At a Higher Price

Checking the Top Net Buy Value list, you can hunt the real-time top gainers by switching to the 5mins/1 hour resolution.

RAD is one example. It appears in the Top Net Buy Value token list, ranked No.2

Click on it to check the signals.

RAD - Net Buy Amount
RAD - Net Buy Amount

When RAD first appears on the Top Net Buy Value list on the Explore page at 01:50 UTC, its price is $1.75. The Net Buy Amount indicator surges twice in the past 10 minutes, but the price has not risen much. A signal to buy.

It then skyrockets 28% in the following 5 hours from $1.76 to $2.26. 

RAD - Net Buy Amount

Again, don’t expect to always sell at the highest. The “sell signal” appears when the price is at $2.23 – the token price is still up, but the Net Buy Amount turns red. 

If you follow the signal, you will not sell at the highest at $2.26 but at $2.23 to gain a 27% profit in just 3 hours. Good enough, isn’t it?

Apply the same GEM Hunt Method and Exit Signal for the other Top Gainer today – SAITAMA

SUSHI - Tokens Accumulated by Traders +10151%

Top Token Accumulated By Traders

SUSHI tokens accumulated by traders +10151% on Jul 10, the most significant increasing percentage in the Top 10 tokens.

When the token accumulated amount increases, it means the Net Buy Amount rises, the token CEX Outflow increases, or both.

Check the SUSHI signals. 

SUSHI - Net Buy Amount
SUSHI - Net Buy Amount

The Net Buy Amount indicator sees greens again since Jul 9.

SUSHI - Net CEX Outflow

The SUSHI CEX Flows are positive as well. More SUSHI tokens were transferred out from CEXs. 

Combining these 2 signals, we can better understand the current situation – people are buying SUSHI and holding it.

CEL - CEX Deposit Amount +304%. CEL-Short-Squeeze Stopping?

The Top CEX Inflow token list on the Explore page alerts that CEL Inflow (Deposit – withdraw) number +160% on Jul 11. 

Top CEX Net Inflow

Click to check the CEL CEX flows.

CEL - Net CEX Outflow

The CEL CEX deposit number increased from 877K on Jul 9 to 3.55M on Jul 10, +304%.

CEL - Top Exchanges by Balances/Changes

FTX balance increases by 2M CEL tokens. Gate & Huobi are increasing as well.

You may notice another important signal – UniswapV3 CEL balance -858,474 CEL tokens. It may cause by DEX traders buying or LPs removing the CEL liquidities.

Check CEL Net Buy and Net Add Liquidity metrics to validate – Net Buy sees red on Jul 10th meaning traders are actually selling.

What about Liquidity Net Add?

CEL - Net Add Amount for Liquidity

Large CEL liquidity was removed from DEX pools on Jul 10. 

These 3 signals alert that people are sending CEL to CEXsDEX traders are selling CEL on DEX and LPs are removing liquidity from CEL DEX pools

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