Boost Your Trading Profits On Mainstream Tokens: Get The Smart Money Address

Joe***.eth is a smart money address that we recently updated. He is passionate about investing in mainstream cryptocurrencies with lower risks.

We have observed some of his intelligent position-building behaviors.

Smart DEX Trader Joe***.eth

Note: Joe***.eth is labeled as “$1M Plus”, meaning he got $1M total profit (realized & unrealized) with a 60% win rate.

$LOOKS - 14% Returns

On Mar 14, Smart DEX Trader Joe***.eth accumulated $99.43K $LOOKS at Avg $0.1459 for staking. 

$LOOKS - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

It’s the largest Smart Money buys on $LOOKS over the month.

$LOOKS - Net Buy Value (Smart Money Mode)

Joe***.eth bought $LOOKS before the price surged higher. If you followed him in time, you could get 14% on Mar 15. 

Since Joe staked tokens, he is looking for long-term returns. 

$SNX - 10% Returns

After adding Joe to the watchlist, we observed that he started to buy $SNX after the price dropped to $2.66 on Mar 15.

$SNX - Net Buy Value (Smart Money Mode)

He is the #2 Smart Money Holder with a $1.36M $SNX balance. On Mar 15, his position increased by 9.69%.

$SNX - Top Holders (Smart Money Mode)

Data proved that Joe successfully bought the $SNX dip. 

If you noticed this signal in time, you could have a profit of 10% on Mar 17.

Joe’s $SNX accumulation continued in the next few days. Starting from $2.6, he loaded $287K $SNX.

On Mar 20, $SNX rebounded to above $3. If you noticed Joe, you could profit 19%.

$SNX - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

What Tokens is Joe buying?

Just 2 steps to follow Joe***.eth in time

  1. Hover on his address & click “Add to Watchlist”
  2. Go to your wallet watchlist to track his activity
Step 1
Step 2

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