Profit Top 200 Smart List – Genuine Profits & User Endorsement

On May 26, we released a New Smart List – Profit Top 200 Dynamic.

😎 Profit Top 200 is a dynamic, algo-generated list of the top 200 addresses by profit rate from newly launched tokens in the last 2 weeks. 

Through analyzing the high-profit addresses performance, we found that “focus” and “timeliness” are keys to filtering a type of Smart Addresses. 


🔹Profit Rate: rank by profit ratios

🔹New Tokens: only focus on new (meme) tokens



🔹Update daily at 5 AM UTC 0

On Jun 16, Degen Explorer tracks 😎Profit Top 200 0x9aca made 4 magic tradings in a day to turn 0.58 $ETH into 11.42 $ETH18x profit return! 🚀

Let’s see how he made it!

Live Smart Money Trades

3 days ago, 😎0x9aca bought $MESSI at $0.0002076 using 0.12 $ETH.

14hrs ago, sold it at $0.01828 for 10.42 $ETH.

🚀A crazy 85x profit in 3 days!

2.7x from $AWOKE

Profit Top 200 😎0x9aca bought $AWOKE at $0.0(7)2161 using 0.17 $ETH.

15hrs ago, sold at $0.0(7)9262 for 0.63 $ETH.

🚀 2.7x in 1 hour!

See the remaining trades of new Memes, not x, but decent!

Degen Explorer

Blue: $PREPE – 20% in less than an hour

Orange: ¥2CHAN – 75% in less than an hour

Yellow: $GIRA – 20% in 30mins

In 3 days, Profit Top 200 😎0x9aca turned 0.58 $ETH into 11.42 $ETH!
18x return!

User Endorsement Following Their Successful Trades

“I told you the method, this is a relatively reliable method that I found out after trying a dozen software after losing a lot of money…

That’s about it, the tool is quite useful. At present, I mainly track Profit Top 200 Dynamic (the top 200 on-chain profits) and may watchlist (smart money addresses I screened myself), which is enough.” — see the user tweet

2 Methods to Get Live Signal of 😎Profit Top 200

Pls note that, to achieve “timely reflecting the most profitable addresses”, the 😎 Profit Top 200 list is updated daily. So the addresses you see today are not the same as the ones tomorrow.

Method 1 - Live Degen Explorer & Smart Trades

Turn on “Smart Mode”, and select “Profit Top 200” list.

Some of them are really high-risk traders. Hence, do run a token checking to DYOR. (6 Steps To Run A New Token Health Check)

Typically, I also select the Smart DEX Trader’ and ‘Smart Meme Pro’ lists to see how many ‘Smart Traders’ are buying the same token.

Method 2 - Set Up An Alert to Receive Buy Signals by 😎Profit Top 200

4 simple clicks are shown in the pic above. Then enjoy the live 😎Profit Top 200 buy signals sent to you!

🎉What To Anticipate In The Upcoming Week?

The dynamic timely Profit Top 200 is proved to be so powerful. It proves the MUST of making all the Candlestick Smart Lists dynamic updated.

After months of hard work, this week, we will release 😎 a new Smart Meme Pro list with 3 key features:


Updates monthly (previously every 6 months). 5X faster for Pro users and 6X for Alpha users.

💥Smarter Algo

Fueled by our V2 trading engines for superior data and coverage

💥Badges available

“High Win Rate”, “Ten 10X” & more will be availabled on Smart Meme Pro

They are chad. See why they choose Candlestick?

🧩 More actionable insights at a more cost-effective price

🧩 Magic. The most valuable tool in Crypto

🧩 Very good on-chain data analysis

🧩 Intuitive

Keep on shipping.

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