$PAW (Pawswap): No Insider Front Trading?Alpha Only Trusts Real Data

Especially for meme tokens and low-cap tokens, we can track insider trading quite often.

Take $PAW as an example, which surges 90%.

$PAW Signals

Bought $PAW Before The Surge From DEX. Deposited To CEX To Get Ready For The Uptrend.

$PAW - Stealth Money Trades
$PAW - Stealth Money Trades

He bought the rise to $0.(7)2991. Then stopped.

Didn't See His Sell Orders? Because He Is Stealth!

He bought $PAW using the 1inch aggregator. And assigned 1inch to send $PAW tokens to 68ed after his buy.

Then 68ed deposited $PAW to Gate.io after the accumulation.

Here helps you understand the time flow more clearly.

$PAW - Net Buy Value

Trade with Stealth Address will get decent profit but it needs skillsDo run through some Stealth Address trading cases we shared before first.

6x Return For Candlestick Subscribers

Be the Alpha to understand Stealth Signals.

How To Identify Stealth Money Trading Oppty?

Candlestick has launched Stealth Money features: 

Follow Stealth Money to get better entry prices than Smart Money.

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