🥷 3 Stealth Trading – High Chance to Be Insider Front Trade

Stealth Money Trades

A Stealth Address can be:

1. Insider (eg, $XIRTAM, $LQTY)

2. Market Maker (eg, $JASMY)

3. Whale or KOL stealth account (eg, Andrew Kang stealth account )

4. A crypto newbie

It requires work, skill & time to analyze who’s behind. Once validated, the return is pretty solid.

When ticked the include “unverified token”, a token pop up on Top Net Buy by Stealth leaderboard on Apr 24.

Top Net Buy Tokens by Stealth Money

Stealth 🥷 3cf2 bought a large amount $50K value of $XIRTAM.

Avg buy price of $0.0367.

XIRTAM - Stealth Money Trades

At the time when the stealth signal appeared, 🥷 3cf2 is

– a new address created 20hrs ago

– After 125,569 $USDC withdrew from okex

– 3cf2 bought 1.36M $XIRTAM via 4 trades

XIRTAM - Stealth Account

Smart 😎

XIRTAM - Smart Money Trades

🥷Stealth 2cff loaded 4M $SKEB (val $9k). Avg buy price $0.002247.

This stealth 2cff account is:

– activated 22hrs ago

– only traded $SKEB

Current price $0.002534, 13% so far.

SKEB - Stealth Money Trades
SNAIL - Stealth Money Trades

This stealth 6854 is:

– created 4d ago

– after funds in from Binance

– only trade 1 token

SNAIL - Stealth Account

It is likely to be insider trading.

SNAIL - Smart Money Trades
SNAIL - Smart Money Trades

Smart Trader (including my fav Ai***.eth) bought $SNAIL 5d ago and 1d ago, they all sold $SNAIL for profit after killing 1 zero.


$SNAIL is up 37% to $0.0001749 now! Proved that insider trading wins!

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