New Meme Tokens Traded by 😎 Profit Top 200 Addresses

We got messages from our fam stating that the 😎 Profit Top 200 smart list isn’t trading frequently enough. Is there a way to increase this?

Unfortunately & sorry 😣, we have no control over the trading frequency of the Profit Top 200 addresses 😂

Despite a relatively lower trading frequency, it’s undeniably effective given the significant profits, right?

In the past 24h, they only traded 5 new meme tokens.
Let's uncover their profit & loss till now.

Degen Explorer

Profit Top 200 0x3472 got 20x from $HACHI in 1 hour:

– bought at 6 zeros

– sold at 5 zeros

Turned 0.13 $ETH initial into 2.73 $ETH. 20x profit!🚀

$HACHI - Live Smart Money Trades

In total, 6 Smart😎 aped in $HACHI, including Profit Top 200 & Smart Meme Pro.

– 4 😎 are first comers: they aped in super early and bought at the price of 6 zeros.
– Another 2 😎 came in later to buy at 5 zeros.

😎 Profit Top 200 0xe5ff:

– bought $SHIN at 7 zeros

– DCA to sell via 9 sell orders at 6 zeros

Turned 0.3 $ETH into 5.43 $ETH. 17x profit! 🚀

🪄 Profit Top 200 0xe5ff managed to ape in at a super low price and also sold at the peak before $SHIN plummeted to 16 zeros now!

$SHIN - Live Smart Money Trades

That’s why for Degen Hunters:

1. Follow Smart😎 to discover GEM

2. Set an Alert to track their sell orders to exit at a better price is also essential! (see steps in above pic)

The current price is $0.0(5)1946.

💰118% profit till now, but 😎0xaa70 hasn’t sold yet.

$CAI - Smart Money Trades

“Three 50x” tagged Smart DEX Trader Ar***.eth has sold $CAI at $0.0(5)2849. 2.6x profit🚀

😎 Profit Top 200 Dynamic: 0xf872:

– bought $SVB at $0.002964

– sold at $0.04757

15x profit in 8 hrs! 🚀

$SVB - Live Smart Money Trades

The last new meme token that Profit Top 200 addresses traded in the last 24h is $TITAN – hacked & lost 0.05 $ETH.

5 new tokens traded by 😎Profit Top 200:

4 wins:
– 20x from $HACHI

– 17x from $SHIN

– 15x from $SVB

– 118% from $CAI

1 lost: $TITAN

So despite a relatively lower trading frequency, it’s undeniably effective given the significant profits from these 😎Profit Top 200, isn’t it?

To make it timeliness to reflect the latest highest profit addresses of trading new #tokens, these Profit Top 200 addresses are dynamic, updated daily!

To make it easier for tracking, you can set an Alert to receive their trade signals.

Set Alerts to Tract Smart Money Trades

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