The Alpha Story of $BLUR

From stealth signal bought In right before the airdrop, to the second stealth bought before the Binance listing, to DeFi OG Yfimaxi.eth withdrew 700K $BLUR from staking and sold all for $439,398 back when $BLUR stands at above $0.62.

🥷Stealth Signal Bought In Right Before The Airdrop

Stealth 0xd3a3…9e75 bought in 218K ($78K) $BLUR on Nov 21, right before the $BLUR large airdrop.

$BLUR - Stealth Money 0xd3a3...9e75

It’s a fresh wallet created.

With 38.37 $ETH transferred in from CEX Binance & Kraken.

All in to buy 218K $BLUR. Avg buy price is $0.3569.

We found the possible main address 0xc247…3357 through the transfer of 0xd3a3…9e75.

0xc247…3357 received $BLUR from other addresses (0xd3a3…9e75 is one of them) before the airdrop.

And then sent to Proxy contract to stake.

🥷The Second Stealth Came In Before The Binance Listing

The second stealth 0xb4d1…2648 came in to buy a large volume of $BLUR before the Binance listing.

$BLUR - Stealth 0xb4d1...2648

Bought 111.28K $BLUR 21 hours ago at the average price of $0.4612.

Unlike the first stealth trader, 0xb4d1…2648 did not stake $BLUR after buying, the 111.28K $BLUR is still in the wallet now.

Gaining a 36.74% Total ROI to date –>$18,855 Total Profit.

$BLUR - Stealth 0xb4d1...2648

💥Just in - DeFi OG Yfimaxi.eth withdrew 700K $BLUR from staking and sold all for $439,398 back.

Live Smart Money Trades

$BLUR is one of Yfimaxi.eth‘s Top Profit earning token.


2 hours ago, Yfimaxi.eth withdrew 700,000 $BLUR from staking & then sold all for $439,398 back immediately after the staked $BLUR was removed.

Avg sell price $0.628.

Yfimaxi.eth Trades in $BLUR

According to the staked and withdrew movements, Yfimaxi.eth is still with 660,706 $BLUR staked (1,360,706 – 700,000).

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