2 Simple Steps To Track Top Holders & Trade Crypto With Confidence

Tracking Top Holders’ actions is a common crypto trading strategy.

Candlestick makes it way easier for you.

Follow the 2 steps to keep track of the token Top Holders actions:

Using $PEPE as an example, how can this method be applied to track top holders’ actions and make informed trading decisions? 

Did top holders continue buying or selling during a 30% price dip on Apr 21?

Step 1

  • Hover to add the top holder to your Watchlist

Added those $PEPE top holders with large balance +/- to watchlist (except contract addresses)

$PEPE - Top Holders

Step 2

Some $PEPE top holders did sell $PEPE in the dip.

But these Top Holders’ overall Net Buy Value (buy-sell) is $230.8K! Meaning that, during the $PEPE price slump, the Top Holders bought more than sold in total.

$PEPE - DEX Trades (My Watchlist)

No wonder $PEPE reverted from $0.0(6)17 to $0.0(6)25, +47%!

Using this method, we tracked the buy signals from $PEPE Top Holders on Apr 23.

$PEPE - DEX Trades (My Watchlist)

You could ride the 33% surge if you captured the signals in time.

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