Fluctuating Marketing Means Opportunities. How to grab them?

Yes, we are in the crypto bear market (sad). But opportunities are still there for those smart traders.

We shared 3 Tips for Traders to Gain Profit in Crypto Bear Market.

One of the methods we shared is Swing Trading by Net Buy Value indicator

TSUKA - Net Buy Value

Using TSUKA as an example to show why Net Buy Value is perfect for swing trader


1. Net Buy sudden surge – buy

2. Net Buy fading while price is still up – take profit and wait for the next opportunity 

How to find tokens with 5-min Net Buy surge?

Top Net Buy Value

And then you need to click on the token to compare the surge with the previous ones and the price change.

If you have a target token, how to capture the real-time Net Buy up and down?

Set up Alert – Net Buy 5min +150% – Net Buy 5min -150%

Create Alerts

Use Candlestick Topping Signals to Short

In a crypto bear market, one of the key methods to earn profit is to short. Then you need to capture the topping signals on time.

Short-Term Topping Signal: Net Buy Value + Turnover Rate.

We used this combination to predict FTT short-term top.

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