3 Candlestick $PEPE Signals To Boost Your Profit

Memecoin season, one of the recent top gainers is $PEPE, has been making waves among traders.

During the $PEPE hipe, 3 signals boost the profit:

$PEPE Signals

Ape in with Candlestick Smart Trader when it was at 10 zeros and 8 zeros

3 smart traders investors managed to get in on $PEPE at its earliest stages, when it was trading at 10 and 8 zeros.

They were tagged with “Ten 10x” and “Three 50x,” badges.

PEPE - DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

Smart DEX Trader 4534 bought at 10 zeros with a small value. (Lookonchain shared this smart meme trader 2 days ago while Candlestick users have been following his magic tradings months ago!)

Ai***.eth bought $PEPE when it was at its 8 zeros.

Followed-up Smart Traders bought as well. The current $PEPE price is at 6 zeros. 100x and 10000x.

After the hype pushing $PEPE killed 4 zeros, signals indicated the price retraces.

Short-term metrics -CEX Net Outflow & DEX Net Buy Value.

After the $PEPE surge, major CEXs like Bitget, Huobi,Poloniex race to list it.

PEPE - CEX Balance

Before the 24h peak, large CEX Inflows (meaning deposits) occurred. 

Massive $PEPE deposit to CEX, likely for selling, causing retrace from $0.0(6)368 – $0.0(6)217.

PEPE - Net CEX Outflow

$PEPE Net Add Liquidity remains positive, which is a longer-term bullish signal.

Buy The Dip by Following Top Holders

One common trading strategy in the crypto market is to keep an eye on the actions of top holdersCandlestick makes this process much more accessible with just two steps:

1. First, visit the $PEPE Top Holders chart and hover over each holder to add them to your Watchlist.

Added those $PEPE top holders with large balance +/- to watchlist (except contract addresses)

PEPE - Top Holders

2. Next, visit the $PEPE Live Trading page and select the “My Watchlist” group to see the actions of these top holders:

PEPE - DEX Trades

By following these two simple steps, you can see if top holders are buying or selling during price dips. This can provide valuable insights into the asset’s future performance.

  • Some $PEPE top holders did sell $PEPE in the dip.
  • But the overall Net Buy Value (buy-sell) of these Top Holders are $230.8K!

Meaning that, during $PEPE price slump, the Top Holders bought more than sold in total.

If you managed to buy the dip when top holders were trading, you would have seen a 33% increase in value, from $0.0(6)2510 to $0.0(6)3342. 

keep up with the latest changes in the top holders’ balances, you can follow the two-step process mentioned above.

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