Smart Money DCA Strategy Tokens: SYN, BAL, LINK. How to better follow the group of the smartest?

Quick Take

  • Though Smart Money are rich, they also use the DCA (dollar-cost-average) strategy to invest. Normally a few thousand per time.
  • When you see Smart Money invested a thousand in a token, don’t think it is too small. Rather, you should start to keep track of this token’s metrics. It may be a hidden gem.

Case 1 - SYN

SYN is the Top 1 token in the Smart Money Top Net Buy Value leaderboard.
Top Net Buy Value (Smart Money)

Click on SYN to check the details.

SYN - DEX Trades (Smart Money)

It is from Smart Money Arca. Arca is a digital asset fund focused on capturing alpha in small and mid-cap digital assets. 

We can see Arca is using a dollar-cost-average strategy to invest in SYN. Instead of investing $195,382 in a trade at one time, it separates the total amount into 3 trades. Purchase price from $1.23 to $1.3.

If the current price is lower than its average purchase price, you may consider following the Smart Money to participate. 

But the CEX Flow metric is not positive. It shows more SYN tokens are deposited to CEXs than withdrawn. Do monitor the CEX Flow signal:

Update: Till now (Aug 25), the SYN is up 13% in just a few hours after we shared the bullish signals on Twitter.

Case 2 - BAL

Some Smart Money is very patient. When they think there is a great opportunity, they just keep investing in by using the DCA strategy and ignore the price up and down.

BAL - DEX Trades (Smart Money)

BAL fluctuates from $5.6 to $6.58 these 3 days. 

From the above Smart Money DEX Trades chartWintermute and Defi OG: 2e4b kept buying in from $5.69 to $6.6, no matter how the price goes up and down. And no sell orders yet.

Case 3 - LINK

Smart DEX Trader 17a8 & a83e are using the same strategy to invest in LINK.

LINK - DEX Trades (Smart Money)

17e8: purchase price from $6.76 to $7.09

a83e: purchase price from $7.04 to $7.11

A few thousand to gradually invest in.

Tutorial - How To Find Tokens Smart Money & Debank Tops Are Adding Liquidity To?

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