87% To 4x Return Per Trade: DeFi OG 0xc72a Is Worth Tracking


  • He bought $CLEV btwn $6.38 to $8.67 and sold a small bag at $25.19 to realize 4x returns. 

Smart $FXS Accumulator - 0xc72a

DeFi OG 0xc72a is an early investor in $FXS.

Despite getting cheap tokens early in 2021, 0xc72a adds more to his position every time the $FXS price retraces.

On Dec 2, DeFi OG 0xc72a increased $24K $FXS in balance.

$FXS - Top Smart Holders

On Jan 11, He loaded more $FXS at $5.47.

$FXS DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

Data proved how clever his entry points are.

If you followed 0xc72a on Jan 11, you could get 87% returns on Jan 30.

He still ranks #1 in Smart Money with 89,460.83 ($917K) FXS tokens.

$CLEV Trader With 4x Returns - 0xc72a

On Jan 14, DeFi OG 0xc72a loaded $73.81K $CLEV tokens between $6.38 to $8.67. It was a new trading position.

$CLEV DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

On Jan 18, he bought $11.76K $CLEV at $10.98 & $10.74.

$CLEV DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

On Jan 19, he bought $71.69K $CLEV. In 5 days, he accumulated $160.99K $CLEV in total.

$CLEV DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

After token accumulation, DeFi OG 0xc72a added $186.4K $CLEV in liquidity on Curve.

$CLEV Add/Remove Liquidity (Smart Money Mode)

On Jan 27, he started to sell a small bag at $25.19 and realized 4x returns.

$CLEV DEX Trades (Smart Money Mode)

He rebought more $CLEV tokens after making a profit & added them to Curve.

$CLEV Add/Remove Liquidity (Smart Money Mode)

Find Smart Money That Suits Your Trading Style

There are 4 types of Smart Money Traders in the Candlestick address lists: Smart DEX Traders, DeFi OG, Crypto Funds & Smart Meme Pro Traders.

Consider your style and risk tolerance before following Smart Money.

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