Uncover Hidden Crypto Gems With Candlestick’s Hidden Feature

Unverified Tokens (tokens not verified by 3rd-parties like Coingecko) usually come with higher risk. Therefore, by default, we do not include “unverified tokens” on Candlestick.

If you want to get Degens, click “Unverified Tokens” on:

There are 3 cases to explain how to apply the method.

Case 1: $BOXFEE (2x Returns)

On Mar 9, by applying the hidden feature in the Top Net Buy Tokens by Smart Money leaderboard, we saw a Gem $BOXFEE.

Top Net Buy Value - Smart Money Mode (Unverified Tokens)

Then, Smart Money signals revealed an Arbitrage opportunity.

Smart Money 3c67 DCAed to buy $BOXFEE.

$BOXFEE - DEX Trades (Smart Money)

After buying, he transferred the token to a null address to redeem $boxETH.

Then, he sold $boxETH back into $ETH.

$BOXETH - DEX Trades (Smart Money)

3c67 started the arbitrage on Mar 1 and made roughly 2x profit in 9 days.

Case 2: $MUZZLE (22x Returns)

On Mar 6, we shared an unverified token, $MUZZLE.

Smart meme pro traders 0x978e & 0x0b33 bought it at $0.003.

  • 0x978e turned 0.04 $WETH into 0.92 $WETH, 22x returns.
  • 0x0b33 realized 60% of his $MUZZLE positions on a 11x profit rate.
$MUZZLE - DEX Trades (Smart Money)
$MUZZLE - DEX Trades (Smart Money)

Latecomers still got 1x profit. Smart DEX Traders bought it 2 hours after Smart meme pro traders.

  • ca71 profited 1x.
  • 218d realized 16% returns.
$MUZZLE - DEX Trades (Smart Money)

Case 3: $OPTIMUS (136% Returns)

On Mar 6, In the Top Net Buy by Stealth Money list, we discovered $OPTIMUS by clicking “Unverified Tokens.”

Top Net Buy by Stealth Money (Unverified Tokens)

3 Stealth Money bought $OPTIMUS 

  1. All of these 3 stealth addresses are fresh wallets
  2. Bought $OPTIMUS immediately after the wallet was created.
  3. Only trade 1 token – $OPTIMUS

The earliest Stealth Money 58ce bought it at $0.1215 before the price surged to $0.2873, a return of 136%.

$OPTIMUS - Stealth Money Trades

A Hidden Feature of Stealth Money to Find Hidden Gems

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