Master The Crypto Market: 3 Steps To Track Top Holders’ Every Move

One important work to manage your crypto position is to know what Top Holders are doing in real-time.

Follow 3 steps to Track Top Holders.

  • Step 2: Add the Top Holders to your watchlist
  • Step 3: Track their real-time DEX Trades, CEX Flow & Liquidity actions

There are 2 cases to explain how to apply the method.

Case 1: $GETH

On Mar 8, we found something interesting about $GETH Top Holders by adding them to Wallet Watchlist.

$GETH - Top Holders

Go to My Wallet Watchlist to check these Top $GETH holders’ latest movements of DEX Trade, CEX Flow, and Add/Remove Liquidity.

We found:

These Top $GETH Holders withdrew many Stablecoins from CEX on Mar 6.

Wallet Watchlist

Then they bought a large amount of $GETH starting from $0.16.

Wallet Watchlist
Wallet Watchlist

Then they added the $GETH liquidity to DEX pools.

Wallet Watchlist

Now the $GETH has surged to $0.2997. So if you captured the Big Fishes in time, you could profit 87.31%.

$GETH Signals

Case 2: $LQTY

$LQTY skyrocketed 31% today.

Applying 3 steps, let’s see what $LQTY Top Holders do during the surge.

$LQTY - Top Holders

cd45 & 0642 withdrew $LQTY from Binance during the price surge instead of depositing.

Wallet Watchlist

2d ago, cd45 deposited $1.8M+ $USDT to Binance Then he withdrew $LQTY out. (Withdrew Amount $1M+)

Did this trader deposit $USDT to CEX to buy more $LQTY?

Wallet Watchlist

Anyway, it’s a bullish signal for $LQTY traders because whales have yet to sell the tokens in a surge.

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