Drop the Top Gainer in Your Bag

First & ONLY Integrates with Curve Finance & Bancor

The Most Comprehensive On-chain Data Signals

Candlestick is the First & ONLY on-chain trading analytics app integrating Curve Finance & Bancor into our 40+ charts, signals & live trading feeds.

Beyond stable coins swaps, Curve V2 holds the deepest liquidity for DeFi tokens like $CRV, $CVX, $STG

You can’t miss that $5B TVL if you want comprehensive token trading data!

Thanks to Curve Finance & Bancor teams’ support!

Curve Finance is one of the pools that Smart Money prefers.

Liquidity added tokens: MIM, WETH/ STETH, FRAX/ USDC, etc

All are with Curve Finance & Uniswap.

This explains why Curve data is a MUST in crypto trading analytics. Candlestick is the only app to find this data on.

Drop The Top Gainers Tokens In Your Bag

PUNDIX is the No.1 Top Gainer in last 24h.

2 Net Buy Amount Signals (hope you get it) before the price soar:

  1. Net Buy surge at Jul 31 09:00UTC, price +53% in the next 5 mins.
  2. Net Buy up again at Aug 1 0:00UTC, price +24% afterward.
PUNDIX - Net Buy Amount

How to capture the next top gainers?

Top Net Buy Value

5min resolution enables you to capture real-time signals. Normally, when a surge in Net Buy Value appears (higher than the previous value), the price will surge in the next 5mins.

Are You Excited About Ethereum Merge?

So many talks about Ethereum merge.

Let’s have a look at traders’ expectations from the perspective of related tokens – STETH & WSTETH. Simply, if traders think the Ethereum merge will boost ETH price, these two tokens will show bullish signals.

Top Net Buy Value

Jul 31

Top Net Buy Value Tokens

STETH No.3  +45.49%

WSTETH No.5  +6.9%

Top Token Accumulated by Traders

Jul 31

Top Token Accumulated by Traders

STETH No.2 +38.82%

WSTETH No. 7 +6.9%

Top Liquidity Add $

Jul 31

Top Liquidity Add Tokens

WSTETH No.5 +305%

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