The Super Winner In The $GROK Price Slump Last Week

On Nov 21, $GROK declined from $0.01 to $0.006.

Stayed in the price bottom for 5 days, 🥷stealth 0x5637…87c9 bought in 7.02M $GROK in these few days at $0.006+.

$GROK - Net Buy Value

‘$GROK Live Stealth Trades’ tracks that stealth 0x5637…87c9 accumulated 7.02M $GROK in just one day.

Buy prices: $0.006203 – $0.006748.

TraderScan Plug-in shows 0x5637…87c9 is gaining a 3.8x ROI with $169,301 Total Profit in $GROK.

$GROK - Live Stealth Money Trades

Stealth 0x5637…87c9 is a fresh wallet created 6 days ago.

Till now, $GROK is still the only token he traded.

$GROK Stealth Money

With the 7.02M $GROK accumulation during the price slump, 0x5637…87c9 is gaining a 4x ROI to date.

$182,444 Total Profit.

$GROK Stealth Money

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