Ethereum Staking Tokens Surge – A Comparison Analysis Of $LDO & $SD

Ethereum Shanghai upgrade approaching.

Ethereum staking tokens saw a surge of avg 40% in the past 7 days.

In 7 days, $LDO and $SD surged further, +71% and +113%, respectively.

A Comparison Analysis Of:

  • CEX Flow
  • DEX Net Buy Value
  • Top Holders Balance Change
  • Top Smart Money Holders

CEX Balance Change & CEX Flow

Starting from Jan 3, $SD saw a clear CEX balance decrease.

From 3 million on the 3rd to 2 million on Jan 8th. A decrease of -26%.

$SD - Balances on Exchanges

CEX balance increased from 31M on 3rd to 32M on 8th. An increase of 22%.

$LDO - Balances on Exchanges

Why? Let's Look At The Net CEX Outflow

7d Net CEX Outflow is positive $431K.

$SD - Net CEX Outflow

On 8th, $LDO up 34%. CEX Outflow was negative.

7d Net CEX Outflow $-9.59M

$LDO - Net CEX Outflow

DEX Net Buy Value

Both are positive on Ethereum and Polygon.

Top Holders Analysis


4 top changes: all increased balances.

$SD - Top Holders


4 increased, 2 decreased

3 are Millionaire addresses

lido treasury Lido.eth balance -1.5Million amount of $LDO.

It all transferred to Lido: Curve Liquidity Farming Reward Contract.

$LDO - Top Holders

Top Smart Money Holders Analysis


5 Smart Money holders (not including those with nano balances)

1 increased balance and 1 decreased.

$SD - Top Smart Holders


27 Smart Money holders (not including those with nano balances)

Wintermute +325K $LDO

Bitscale -250k $LDO

$LDO - Top Smart Holders

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