Machi Big Brother Is The Biggest $APE (ApeCoin) Lover With Diamond Hands

Machi Buys $APE At Low Prices

Machi Big Brother used to be a $APE swing trader. On Oct 27, he (Machibigbrother.eth) sold off $APE holdings at high to realize profits.

Large DEX Trades - Smart Money

Then, he started to rebuy lower on Nov 8 when the price fell below $3.82.

$APE Net Buy Value - Smart Money
$APE DEX Trades - Smart Money

Machi Buys $APE For Staking Regardless Of Price

On Dec 11, one day before the rewards for staked $APE went live; Machi Big Brother withdrew 597,191.21 ($2,536,364.32) $APE from Binance.

$APE CEX Flow - Smart Money

And he bought $1.38M worth of ApeCoin on Uniswap V3.

$APE DEX Trades - Smart Money

All those tokens were staked.

Daily ApeCoin Buyer

Since Dec 11, He continues to buy & stake ApeCoin.

$APE Net Buy Value - Smart Money

He buys $APE every day.

For example,

On Dec 15,

$APE DEX Trades - Smart Money

Dec 21,

$APE DEX Trades - Smart Money

Dec 29,

$APE DEX Trades - Smart Money

Jan 16,

$APE DEX Trades - Smart Money

Something interesting, he has yet to buy any $APE today. (Jan 18)

Traders Buy $APE On CEXs For ApeCoin Staking

Before the launch of $APE staking rewards, we detected a continued outflow of ApeCoin.

$APE Net CEX Outflow

The number of $APE Active Holders & New Holders increased sharply, matching the Outflow trends.

$APE Active Holders
$APE New Holders

Meanwhile, the number of Holders decreased as holdings were moved to the staking address.

$APE Holders

The $APE balance of almost all centralized exchange addresses decreased.

$APE Top Exchanges

In conclusion, $APE staking rewards attracted new stakers who buy tokens from CEXs to join.

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